Thursday, January 14, 2010

I never used to be this creepy...I don't think...

I have a problem. Since the wonderful world of Facebook was opened to me six whole years ago, I've slowly been falling deeper and deeper into the world of internet stalking. Not like dangerous stuff. More like calling someone and hanging up. And not even that direct. I can't help it. I looooooove knowing what other people are up to, want to see photo updates, want to know them, but not really KNOW them, you know? And at the same time, because I know I'm not the only nut job out there, I keep my privacy settings VERY private. I'm just a friggin' hypocrite. Or maybe I'm just selfish...give, give, give me to me, while I never provide anything in return. Who knows. Regardless, I need to curb this problem. What was once some innocent link-following on Facebook has turned into full-fledged Googling and blog searching. And LinkedIn! And Twitter! It's a GD smorgasboard of stalking platforms out there! So you heard it here first...I'm trying to quit. The first step to quitting is recognizing you have a problem, right?

Since I'm a poop, I haven't posted on there the numerous random things I've been thinking would make appropriate posts...too lazy, actually doing work/baby caring/life, whatev. So here's a list (LISTS! YAY!) of those thoughts...
  1. I saw an advertisement the other day for Espresso Sliders. SLIDERS. What the eff? Is everything miniature now by default a "slider?" I love me some REAL sliders, so I'm a little miffed the term is now bastardized. What's next, tampon sliders (ooooh, pun!)? Come on folks, let's stretch those marketing brains a tad and not just fall on some, "but it's so hot right now!" word. P.S. there IS a term for what you're trying to sell: it's called espresso macchiato, bees.
  2. Not that I don't have an appreciation for my life and how forunate I am to have it, but man, there are some times where I am just UBER grateful. Friends, co-workers, people I don't even know that I read about...they all have so many issues and problems and MAJOR things going on in their lives, that me being a whiny little bee about, jeebus, anything, makes me realize just how good I have it, and to shut the eff up.
  3. I am hugely disappointed by the fact that my daughter will likely have numerous classmates named after Twilight characters. You know what, Edward and Jacob are great boy names...that are now and forever associated with the word "team." (Side note: I am on neither team, as Twilight is dreck, and yes, I'm stating that as my official opinion even though I've never read a page. And all my knowledge of Twilight is based on Burger King commercials advertising Team Edward and Team Jacob cups.)
Okay, off I go to NOT stalk people on the internet.

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